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May 2019
We are currently making our 3rd studio album at ToneHills Studio, Espoo with Santtu Lehtiniemi and Erkka Korhonen. More information, video clips etc. on our facebook page.
Stay tuned!!

September 2018
Amoth against school bullying!
Give us a vote so we can get funding for our next music video. Amoth number is 26. The song is from our upcoming 3rd album and it´s about school bullying. Vote here

August 2018
We are back in the game with ultra talented singer Pekka Montin! We start recording our third album with this line-up this fall. We've added brand new songs to our set list too. Wanna hear them?! Come and check us out on our upcoming gigs!

May 2018

April 2017
We are headlining an EUROPEAN TOUR this summer!!! The tour starts on June 8. from Poland. Get ready for some progressive heavy metal madness!

January 2017

The third Amoth album is fully composed and we start rehearsing the songs right about NOW!

October 2016
We have a huge gig coming up on October 22nd! We share the stage with Battle Beast and Astralion at Virgin Oil, Helsinki!

October 2016
Mr. Mikael Rauhala has joined Amoth as a second guitar player! Cool! Now we can play the songs live as they were meant to be; with guitar harmonies and stuff.

January 2016
Our new album "Revenge" out January 22 in Finland and February 19 worldwide!!!

July 2015
The second Amoth album is completely recorded! Now we start mixing it at D-Studio, Klaukkala, Finland. Also the painting of the album cover is ready. It is absolutely stunning! We can't wait to reveal it. It was made by Mr. Mario López. Anne (our bass player) is working with the inside sleeve of the album cover. It's coming together...

February 2015
The second Amoth album is nearing its final stages! All the instrument parts are done. We are still adding some lead and harmony vocals and deciding the cover art. It's coming around!

March 2014
Drums are finished for the second Amoth album! Guitar and bass are halfway there!
Stay tuned, it's coming around...

January 2014
Drum recording session!

June 2013
Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, children of all ages: The new singer of Amoth is Tomi Kurtti!

January 2013
Our (now former) singer Pekka has decided that he's only doing cover stuff from now on and has no time for Amoth. So what we're looking for is a new singer with talent, time and dedication. Feel free to contact us at: amothband(at)
Next up for Amoth is the recording process of our second album (most of the songs are written already) and of course more gigs!

August 2012
Oskari Viljanen is now a permanent member of Amoth!
We welcome him to the family.

May 2012
Upcoming Amoth gigs are as planned with Oskari Viljanen on drums!!!

April 2012
Unfortunately we have to announce that Rolf Pilve has decided to leave Amoth. He didn't have time to continue with Amoth because of his other projects. Sadly this leaves Amoth with situation that we have 3 gigs coming but no drummer. So to all the drummers out there: contact us ASAP if you feel you could be Amoth's next drummer (even just for the gigs)!!!


November 2011
....and then there were five!
Tomi Virtanen joins Amoth as a second guitarist!!!!

September 2011
It’s coming around! You can now pre-order the brand new Amoth album Crossing Over from Recordshop X. This is the most anticipated album of the year so be sure to get yours!

August 2011
Amoth debut album Crossing Over release date confirmed at October 5th 2011!

June 2011
Rolf Pilve joins Amoth!
Drum virtuoso Rolf Pilve has joined Amoth! We have started rehearsing with him and all is working very well. 
Look forward for future gigs!

November 2010
New album titled "Crossing Over"
We have finished recording the upcoming album "Crossing Over"! We are very pleased with the results! This album is very diverse, ranging from heavy metal to thrash to classical to progressive metal and whatnot! The mixing dates are set in November.
Stay tuned for track list later on.....

photo Mervi Tikkanen